Get a FREE 15-minute massage on your lunch break

If you work anywhere near Liverpool Street station, tomorrow you can have a totally free head, shoulder and back massage in your lunch hour…

Appointments are first-come, first-served, so head down to the Japanese Bamboo Garden at Broadgate Plaza at 11am to get involved. If there are lots of people ahead of you, you’ll be asked to pop back later on – it’s on until 2.30pm (Thu 20 April).

“Yeahhh, that’s the spot.”

You’ll be treated to a blend of Japanese, Thai and Indian head massage, and the good news is you can remain full clothed throughout your 15-minute slot.

It’s part of Broadgate Plaza’s Urban Eden season, so if you can’t make it tomorrow – or even if you do – there’s a second chance to get a free massage at the same times on Thu 11 May. For more events, see full listings.

Well, it beats grabbing a sarnie and lumbering back to your desk.

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