There’s a GLUTEN-FREE street food festival this weekend

Expect live music, cooking demos, free workshops and – obviously – tons of gluten-free grub. So turn up hungry…

If you’re looking for things to do in East London this Saturday (29 April), you could certainly do a lot worse than a trip to Limehouse Basin, particularly if you don’t eat gluten, as a Gluten-Free Food Festival will be happening from 11am until 5pm.

Sticky Bundits gluten-free rice fusion burgers
Twice as rice: Sticky Bundits is one vendor. It sells gluten-free rice fusion burgers (yum!)

The event’s free to attend but, unfortunately, they’re going to make you pay for the food. However, it’s unlikely to be over-priced as competing vendors selling allsorts – from celiac-friendly cupcakes to rice fusion burgers – will all be after your cash.

There’s a full list of traders on the event’s Facebook page.

It’s not all about gluten-free street food, though (wheat addicts, breathe a sigh of relief). There’ll also be a handful of traders selling ‘normal’ grub, plus a small farmers’ market, live music, free fitness sessions and a free graffiti workshop.

Gluten-Free Street Food Festival, Limehouse

When I lived in Bethnal Green, Limehouse Basin (or Marina) was somewhere I’d often pass on a stroll along Regent’s Canal. It’s a bit of a hidden gem and looks lovely on sunny days. Not a bad place to spend a Saturday if the weather holds up.

Will you be going? Send me photos on Facebook or Twitter.

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