Anthony Hill, Free & Cheap London blogger

Hello! My name is Anthony Hill. In my day job, I’m a writer at MoneySavingExpert.com but in my spare time I do other writing here on this blog…

Why Free And Cheap London?

Free And Cheap London is mostly about free and cheap stuff happening in London (I’ve always been very literal). Basically, I’m talking about free things to do, cheap places to eat, drink etc – plus any other way of reducing your London living costs.

Having lived in London for years, I know first-hand how ridiculously unaffordable it can be. That’s why I’ve become such a passionate money-saver, cost-cutter and bargain-hunter (as without passion, these would all just be a loathsome necessity).

For tips on living happily on the cheap in London, follow my every move here at Free And Cheap London. And don’t forget to add me on social media.

My story

I grew up in Scunthorpe, a small town between Sheffield and Hull, in glorious North Lincolnshire, but at the age of eighteen I moved away to start university.

After graduating from De Montfort with a Marketing degree in 2008, I went on to gain a master’s in Magazine Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. In 2010, I landed my first writing job at a content agency in Leeds.

But within a year of settling in West Yorkshire, the bright lights of London were already beckoning. In October 2011, I rented a flat in Bethnal Green with my girlfriend (now my wife) and bagged a new job writing about broadband and technology.

Then suddenly, after three years in the job, I was devastated to be laid off in a wave of redundancies. My future in London was uncertain to say the least.

Luckily, before I’d even signed on for the dole, I was approached about the job at MoneySavingExpert. And that’s where I’ve been beavering away since 2014.

In the meantime, I’ve moved away from Bethnal Green and now live in the (much cheaper) Surrey Quays area between Rotherhithe and Deptford. This is why you may note a South-East London bias in my blog posts from time to time.

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