There’s a GLUTEN-FREE street food festival this weekend

Expect live music, cooking demos, free workshops and – obviously – tons of gluten-free grub. So turn up hungry…

If you’re looking for things to do in East London this Saturday (29 April), you could certainly do a lot worse than a trip to Limehouse Basin, particularly if you don’t eat gluten, as a Gluten-Free Food Festival will be happening from 11am until 5pm.

Sticky Bundits gluten-free rice fusion burgers
Twice as rice: Sticky Bundits is one vendor. It sells gluten-free rice fusion burgers (yum!)

The event’s free to attend but, unfortunately, they’re going to make you pay for the food. However, it’s unlikely to be over-priced as competing vendors selling allsorts – from celiac-friendly cupcakes to rice fusion burgers – will all be after your cash.

There’s a full list of traders on the event’s Facebook page.

It’s not all about gluten-free street food, though (wheat addicts, breathe a sigh of relief). There’ll also be a handful of traders selling ‘normal’ grub, plus a small farmers’ market, live music, free fitness sessions and a free graffiti workshop.

Gluten-Free Street Food Festival, Limehouse

When I lived in Bethnal Green, Limehouse Basin (or Marina) was somewhere I’d often pass on a stroll along Regent’s Canal. It’s a bit of a hidden gem and looks lovely on sunny days. Not a bad place to spend a Saturday if the weather holds up.

Will you be going? Send me photos on Facebook or Twitter.


There’s a Jersey Royal potato pop-up in Covent Garden

This weekend, TV farmer Jimmy Doherty is selling buttery Jersey Royals at a one-of-a-kind potato pop-up shop in London…

After living in London for a while, there’s a tendency to think you might have seen it all. That’s until someone tells you about a new a pop-up cafe in the West End selling nowt but Jersey Royal potatoes in butter to tourists and passers-by.

Jersey Royal potato pop-up shop at Covent Garden in London
As spud as it gets: Jersey Royals served by Jimmy Doherty at his pop-up in Covent Garden.

Located in Covent Garden, and the brainchild of TV farmer, Jamie Oliver’s mate Jimmy Doherty, it’s a truly unique establishment. All you’ll find on the menu is a £3 cone of Jersey Royals boiled with skins on and drenched in minted butter.

Jimmy himself was in the shop when I popped in, speaking to anyone who’d listen about the history of Jersey Royals. If you’re interested, you can learn all about them on the official Jersey Royal website (because of course Jersey Royals have a website).

Jersey Royal potatoes
Taters gonna tate: Jimmy Doherty’s shutting up shop after tomorrow (Sun 23 April).

And if you want to taste Jimmy’s spuds for yourself, I’m afraid tomorrow’s your last chance. He’ll be back behind the counter at 52 Floral Street from 12pm-4pm (Sun 23 April). After that, the pop-up closes for good. Enjoy ’em while you can!